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The moment that… travelling got personal

The digital revolution has given way to a travel market that’s powered totally by people. We’ve become our own travel agents.From spending hours online booking flights and reading peer reviews, to taking a selfie while sipping that cocktail in the sun, moments in the digital world now dominate the travel industry.In this article we look at what brands need to do to thrive in this new customer-centric world of travel.

The moment that…Insurance started working for people

We live in an ’on-demand’ economy, with goods and services designed to arrive at lightning speed for virtually all of life’s moments. We want things now, and we’re used to getting our way. So what does this mean for the low consumer engagement field of insurance, which has traditionally sold complex products by instilling fear about the future? It beckons change. Insurance brands looking to innovate in a category ripe for disruption are well advised to: focus on today, not the future; shift into ’on-demand’; and show their brands in action.

The moment: when you can have your beer - and drink it, too!

In a fiercely competitive beer market, brewers are increasingly innovating with non- or low-alcoholic product lines. Men, in groups or in pairs, are the fastest growing segment, driven by health or economic concerns. Yet social stigma is holding this category back, we ask: how can brands redefine the moments when one might enjoy a beer? How do they deliver timely messaging or offer comfort? How can they allay fears and create pride to unlock the moments that will help them flourish?

Two thirds of connected consumers in Asia Pacific watching online video content on a daily basis

64% of connected consumers are watching online videos every day – via free to view, subscription and social channels.In Taiwan almost 80% of connected consumers spend 1.6 hours per day watching online videos; and 74% of those also regularly watch traditional TV.

Instagram usage doubles in Asia Pacific as people migrate onto photo-sharing platforms

39% of connected consumers in APAC now using social media platform Instagram, and 51% of Taiwanese use it, providing new opportunities for brand engagement.Visual platforms most popular in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, where camera-enabled smartphones have high penetration.Yet as consumers shy away from traditional online advertising, influencers are key for brands looking to engage.

Kantar unveils a new corporate identity across its operating brands
Announces launch of two new operating brands

Unified look and feel reflects more collaborative working approach

Bridging the gap
Operating without shared assumptions for communication

In researching the Base of the Pyramid (BoP), researchers must learn to operate without the shared assumptions on which communication typically relies.

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