Qualitative Research

TNS is the world’s largest qualitative research practice, with a network of more than 600 qualitative researchers around the world, dedicated to uncovering new consumer insights that inspire business growth.

Our Point of View

Our qualitative research is underpinned by a number of fundamental principles and beliefs that help us understand how to capture what is relevant and useful for our clients’ brands and businesses.

At TNS, we believe that only genuine, human and empathetic interactions with people will lead to an in-depth understanding of consumers. To uncover and explore actionable insights, we interact with consumers in their time and space, researching life as it happens, both in the off-line and on-line world.

Expertise in Qualitative research

Our qualitative experts are creative, talented and passionate people who endeavour to gain and deliver deeper insights into our clients’ business.

Working closely with our Global Sectors and Areas of Expertise across the world, we provide clients with fresh ways of connecting with people to empower change and unlock opportunities.

Above all, we take results one step further and translate consumer insight into action. By using creative techniques, we generate innovative ideas and concepts to help our clients identify and exploit marketing opportunities.

At TNS, our qualitative experts have been listening to more people in more countries for longer than any other company, so we know the world of consumer better than anyone.

Specialist qualitative solutions

TNS leverages best-in-class qualitative solutions to address the broad spectrum of our clients’ business needs, including those related to innovation, brand & communication, retail & shopper and stakeholder management.

Our experience in the early stages of innovation is considerable, drawing on our three leading qualitative solutions which are an integral part of our Innovation Journey:

In addition, our qualitative techniques and tools within our Global Business Solutions such as NeedScope™, AdEval™, TRI*M™ and the Path to Purchase toolkit enable us to deliver qualitative analysis with deeper insight and a seamless transition into qualitative validation.

Our industry focus

our industry focus

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